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Upcoming Rapper Navan Releases Single “Mula”

Upcoming rapper, Navan, dropped his single “Mula” in December of 2019. The Chicago native artist has been consistently releasing music since 2018 with songs like “Type of Swag”, “Rolling Down”, “Macaroni”, and his latest single, “No Clothes On.” Navan’s music is a balance of upbeat tempos and high energy with a smooth monotone voice.

Although he has yet to release an album, his constant releasing of tracks foreshadow a complete project. “Mula”, one of his hypest tracks, exudes Navan’s want for money so that he can do good by his people. Navan’s music can be found on most musical platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Be sure to stream his song “Mula” and check out his latest 2020 single, “No Clothes On.”

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