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The Something We Need

The Divah Filez had the pleasure of interviewing Sunday’s Best Season 2 Runner up Latice Crawford about her upcoming endeavors. Since Sunday Best, Latice has been busy. Even though she didn’t win Sunday Best, her gift has definitely made room her in the industry. Releasing two albums and getting ready to release her third, she is slowly taking the world by storm with her strong, raspy voice. When asked about her experience on Sunday Best, she said that it was much more than she expected. Having thought she had her life planned out the way she wanted, God saw fit and had other plans for her. Originally going on the show to shut her family up, as she said, she ended up making it near the end and getting an amazing career from it. Although, she didn’t originally want to be a singer, she is very excited about the life she now lives. She said that Sunday Best taught her to be prepared and ready. “It really taught me that people don’t just like what they hear, but they love what they feel. And so when you are singing or you’re ministering you really have to make sure people are feeling and connecting to your message. Not just the music, not just the sound, not just your gift and your voice, but to the message that you’re trying to convey”, she says. She makes sure she sings the lyrics with emotion and feeling so that others can receive it. Her life since the show has changed a lot but she herself has not changed. That was something that stuck out to me. It can be really easy to get caught up in the “Fame Culture” and forget about the daily activities life presents. She says she still cooks for her family and no matter who she is her son still looks at her as mom.

I was curious to know about her upbringing in the church and being a PK, Preachers Kid. She comes from a small church where her father was the pastor and her job was to lead praise and worship. She did feel pressure, as most PK’s do, to not only be in service but to BE the service. If she wasn’t there, there wasn’t praise and worship that day. Although it was a lot, she believe that it helped make her the woman she is today. I asked her if there was a moment when she knew she wanted to be a singer. She told a story of when she was on tour with a few other Sunday Best contestants and someone came up to her saying that their father loved her. Of course, she was happy but there was more to the story. The person said how their father was a drug addict and how he locked himself in a room so he wouldn’t binge on drugs to make it to the service where she was singing. That, along with another story was more than enough to her. We began to talk a little more about her music and the new EP titled The Cure. Latice just recently signed to EONE Nashville where she calls them her new family. The new single titled “Something Something”, which is coming soon, talks about her life as a believer out in the world looking for “something”. She said, “It really talks about how I was out there as a believer, as a Christian, still looking for something. And not understanding that those things were pills and eventually they were gonna run out and I was gonna need the cure.” She continued explaining that in life we tend to fill this void we have with everything but the “source”. Instead we fill them with resources, when it should be filled with God. Her relationship with God is parallel to a relationship with a friend or boyfriend/spouse. It’s a constant battle between the two, as she said God and the Devil, to choose the right thing to do. She said that sometimes we (people) aren’t ready for the relationship which makes us go back to the toxic things in our life. This is something most of us have felt all too well.

We talked a little more about her hobbies outside of music and what else she had in store. Alone with the EP and new single that is soon to come, she has another single out title “Amazing” which continues her story about her walk with Christ. The single is available on all digital outlets. Be sure to follow her on social media @LaticeCrawford (no “r”) and be on the lookout for her new single “Something Something” and EP The Cure. Check out the full video on the The Divah Filez Youtube page soon!

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