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Tokyo Jetz Releases Single “Interlude” from Upcoming EP

Popular female rapper/author, Tokyo Jetz, recently released her single, “Interlude” from her upcoming EP, “Stimulus Package.” The project was produced by Mattazik and Al Geno. Just like the rest of her music, her latest single exudes the values of feminism, female empowerment, sexuality, dominance, and the freedom to express yourself. The message of the song is simple; “Do what you want to do.” It seems as though she has taken her own advice, because along with music, she is also releasing a book.

Tokyo Jetz is also releasing her first memoir, “Mind Over Matter.” In the book, Tokyo reveals the story about her battle with anxiety, depression, and how she overcame them. Through her music and her book, Tokyo is determined to empower women and inspire them to find their inner strengths and to pursue their passions. You can check out her latest single, “Interlude”, down below.

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