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Alicia Keys Announces Upcoming Album, “Alicia!”

Legendary singer/songwriter, Alicia Keys, announced the upcoming release of her self-titled album, Alicia. The Instagram post that relayed the news stated that the album would be released on 3/20, but for unknown reasons, the album has yet to release. Fans suspect that the delay of the album release is related to the Coronavirus pandemic, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The album is expected to contain her latest singles, “Good Job” and “Underdog.” With it being four years since Keys has released a full album, this self-titled project is highly-anticipated.

Along with the release of the Alicia album, Alicia Keys also announced a World tour that is supposed to start in June in Europe, and end in September in California. Just like the album release, there has yet to be any follow-up on the status of the world tour during this time. Although there is no album to stream yet, Alicia Keys just released her new single, “Good Job” on all musical streaming platforms. Go check the new song out by Alicia Keys and follow her social media @aliciakeys for more updates on both the album release and her world tour around Europe and North America.

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