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Simple Fashion Formulas for the Perfect Outfit Every Time!

It can be so hard and annoying when trying to find the perfect outfit before going to an event, school, or out with the girls. It could be hard to see what type of top would go with your distressed jeans or if you should either wear simple jewelry or statement jewelry. Organized dressing is all what we inspire to try and complete. Fashion Formulas is the way to cut down on the stress of trying to find a outfit for the day. I know your probably like “formulas?!?, I hate math”, well this formula is a lot easier to understand and make your life trouble-free.

Fashion formulas are the key to mastering your outfits and knowing exactly what will go together. If you follow these 5 fashion formulas below, you are sure to be the most stylish at any place you go to.

This first fashion formula is the perfect chill fit to follow. Of course, added to this formula is a pair of light blue denim skinny jeans. You then add any graphic tee of your desire (you can find graphic tees at almost every online fashion store such as Asos, Prettylittlething, Fashionnova, and more). I then added a simple bag with a little embellishment that doesn’t outshine the rest of the outfit. Adding some vintage eyewear to this formula is important because it goes with the whole graphic tee laid back theme. We then add minimal earring since this is a chill outfit. Lastly to solve this formula, we add a pair of fresh sneakers and then you have the perfect laid-back outfit.

This fashion formula is perfect for the chic worker or even going out for dinner. I first added a stylish pair of shorts because they are a more sophisticated look. Next we add a long sleeve top because stylish shorts and long sleeves go super well together. Next we add a minimal bag with a dash of statement. This bag has a gold chain that makes it pop in an amazing way. Next we add a solid pair of pumps due to the fact we have shorts in this formula. The pumps accentuate your legs a lot so this would go well with the shorts and long sleeve. For jewelry we add a pair of simple earrings because the outfit already has a lot going on. Lastly to this formula, we add a nice headband or headpiece.

This is the perfect outfit for a sunny day out exploring the city. In this fashion formula, we added a short sleeve cardigan to start it off. Next we add some mom jeans to the look because cardigans and mom jeans go perfect together for a simple yet cute look. Next we add a structured bag because your outfit is already simple. It gives it more stylish look. Next some simple sneakers are added to this look for the aesthetic. Lastly to seal the look and solve the formula, we have some hoop earrings because you can never go wrong with hoops. It adds a different type of look to the face.

This fashion formula is perfect for a picnic on a sunny day. First, we add a bright dress. This already adds a sweet and flirty flare to the look. Next we add a woven bag to the formula to give it the summer picnic feel. Next some sandals are added because there is a dress in this formula and sandals go better with dresses. Lastly to add to this formula is some minimal gold jewelry due to the fact that this look is simple yet flirty.

For our last formula, we added a logo sweater because they are trending now. Next what we added to this formula is some pants. Logo sweaters go much better with pants this is why it was added to the formula. Next we added a simple bag to give more attention to the logo sweater. To add on to the formula is some simple sneakers that are stylish and minimal at the same time. For jewelry/accessories, we added a statement watch that is perfect for this fashion formula. Lastly to solve this formula, we add a pair of stylish shades to complete the whole look. Eyewear always goes perfect for a look like this one.

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