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Junii Releases Single “Avenue”

Female rap artist, Junii recently released her single, “Avenue.” The Detroit native came on the scene as a member of the hip hop soul group, Better In Black, but has since ventured off to making solo music. Her latest single, “Avenue”, come s after the release of her 2020 album, Don’t Stand Too Close, Vol. 1, proving that she is constantly in the studio cooking up new music.

Just like the rest of her music, her latest single exudes the morals of life love, and just her expressing herself. “Avenue” consists of Junii’s fire flow, and a nice chorus to make the song a perfect track for a chill car ride. Women have been dominating the rap charts lately, and it won’t surprise me if Junii does the same with her sick flow and her clever wordplay. “Avenue” by Junii is available on all music streaming platforms and so is her latest album, Don’t Stand Too Close, Vol. 1. Be sure to go stream it and follow Junii’s advice, don’t stand too close. Practice social distancing & listen to some good music!

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