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Nail Trends 101

Nailed It: Nail trends Article

From Acrylics , Full Sets, Fill ins, Manicures , Grabbers, Gel , Claws, or whatever you may call it . Getting your nails done is a rite of passage for many young women everywhere . It can be our extension of ourselves or therapeutic to when we need a little pampering. Or a monthly rituall you are obsessed with. Or just a way to bond with your girlfriends. What ever your reasons may be nails is One of women’s Favorite past time . What is a better way to celebrate this than listing the hottest trends that are popping right now in the world of nails .

Coming up first is Flames Nails Clear Acrylics has become one of the biggest trend this year . A clear accent is the hottest thing you can do right literally! Make any nails pop with adding flame 3X paper in between clear coats to top off any nail look. Ombré is a thing in the Past-el Ombré was a very popular trend for many years replacing basic trend white tips , but now ombré nails no longer have to just be pink to white anymore . Now with the new popular color of the season Pastel . You can give any nail look and cute sophisticated look with a pastel color. DRIPPING in jewlS A girl’s best friend is still diamonds right? Rhinestones and sparkly nails has always been a go to for a true nail enthusiast. Now it’s a full out obsession and getting a full set of nails with bling on every finger is bold move to express our love for shiny things . Try it once and I’m sure you’ll be a show stopper every where you go . Jungle Fever It might be Doja Cat iconic song “MOO “or the Netflix Series “Tiger King “ but it seems everyone are obsessed with animal prints . Show off your love of animals with cow prints accent nails , Tiger stripes , or a Cheetah spots . Either or your nails will be looking safari chic . Float like a butterfly Everyone loves animals especially butterflies and wearing them on our nails is just another way to show our devotions . You can either have it hand painted , traces out in rhinestone, or 3D paper . It’s an eye catching look that everyone will be sure to love . Brown Hues Neon is always fun and loud , but neutral and browns can make a big statement as well. From Kim Kardashian signatures colors and Kanye Fashion lines Brown and Tans are but warm and beautiful colors especially on the nails . Even playing with array of tan and brown is the ultimate nail look that doesn’t look too busy and isn’t boring . Metallics A glossy nails is always a look , but a metallic nail will have everyone looking . From Lady Gaga , Beyoncé, and Katy Perry metallic nails is a super trendy and definitely a show stopper . You can go for a Gold , Silver , Rose Gold , or Pink simply rob the metallic shimmer or any coat of paint you desire to pull off that amazing nail look. Over the Edge Combining neutral and pop of color is always a cool look. Painting your nail with a neutral tone and paint a bright color on the outer edge of the nails . This an edgy and super cool look that’ll look great and in photo . Pretty in Pink You can never go wrong with pink nails , but you never know which pink to get . Try them all ! A gradient pink nail is super cute and cohesive with any outfit . Try a light pink from the left to a hot pink to dark pink to the right. Even if pink Is not your color you can try this same color different shades in green or blue . Money moves Cardi B has made it every one mission to make money moves and The city girls has told us to run our stack up . So what’s better way to show that of is wearing moneys on our nails . Now I would suggest cutting actual money but if you balling like that go ahead . Place pieces of Benjamin’s through the nails in between coats and Add some gold flakes is the perfect rich look .


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