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The DMV has a New Upcoming Rapper on the Lookout

New rap artist Q Da Fool released his new single titled “Wit My Rounds” showing off his DMV swagger and roots. Featured on the song is also new artist OhGeesy who is a part of the hip hop group Shoreline Mafia.

Q Da Fool’s new single will be the second song featured on his new EP Deaf Wish that has been heavily anticipated by his fans. His EP will be dedicated to the style and culture of the DMV merged in with his vernacular and trap music beats surrounding his lyrical music.

On the single, he remains very blunt and straight forward throughout his lyrics talking about bossing up, prospering, and fantasies about women. Along with the music there was a music video directed by Aesthetic Visuals. The video was lighthearted with Q Da Fool and OhGeesy around big groups of men showing off money and flaunting other luxuries.

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