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New R&B artist, Simply Rayne has hit the music scene with a desire to move to the beat of her own drum. The rising star recently released her first single, “Say Less” from her upcoming debut EP. When it comes to Simply Rayne’s sound, her style could be described as a blend of contemporary pop mixed with classic R&B. And if you were wondering, yes it’s as good as it sounds.

The visual for “Say Less” just brings everything together as she sings very relatable lyrics; “How you always talking, but you say too much! You always do the most, but still it ain’t enough..” she sings. When describing the song, she explains that she was inspired by real-life situations. “So many of my friends and I have experienced guys who have good game. They look good on socials and outwardly, people think they’re a catch. In real relationships they just don’t have themselves together. All they do is talk! Say Less is saying, please stop talking and show me and yourself some respect. Come through with the things you say you’re going to do and be real about who you really are!” explains Rayne. Whew. That’s a word. Simply Rayne is currently in the process of working with some of the top hitmakers in the game for her debut EP, so I have no doubt that the project will be great. But you should check her out for yourself and go stream “Say Less” on all music streaming platforms, or you can check out the music video down below!

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