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R&B sensation, Summer Walker recently dropped her 2020 EP, Life on Earth, on July 10th. This project is the first piece of work she’s released since her 2019 album, Over It. This is also the second EP Walker has released, following her 2019 CLEAR EP. The Atlanta native artist announced the release of her newest EP after she had a beautiful virtual performance at the 2020 BET Awards with Usher. The highly-anticipated EP is a 5-track compilation of that trap-soul vibe that Summer delivers so beautifully. Life On Earth starts off with a beautiful guitar ballad called “Let It Go.” The song gives off that same passion as Walker’s seasoned track, “Session 32.” Walker sings “You know you mama ain't raise you like that/ Just look at your behavior, and that's why she ashamed of ya.” Is it really a Summer Walker song if she doesn’t give you a caption worthy lyric?

The next three songs include features, two of which are from a popular rising artist, NO1-NOAH. The artist/producer features on tracks from the EP such as “SWV”, and a more trap-like track named “White Tee.” The other featured artist is PARTYNEXTDOOR, who was also featured in her 2019 “Over It” album. On the “Life on Earth” EP, he makes his appearance on a song called “My Affection.” Last but certainly not the least, Summer ends the project with a song entitled “Deeper.” Speculation arose on Twitter from fans wondering if the track was a part two of Summer’s previous song, “Deep” from her first album, “Last Day of Summer.” However, Walker confirmed that it wasn’t. Despite her battle with social anxiety and the various claims to quit, it’s absolutely refreshing to see that Summer is still making wonderful music for her dedicated listeners. If you haven’t checked out the “Life on Earth” EP by Summer Walker, it’s available on all streaming platforms and I promise all 16 minutes of listening will be worth it! As always, stay tuned and stay safe y’all!

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