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Nashville Life Music Releases First Studio Album "Here For Jesus"

GMA Dove Award-nominated Nashville Life Music recently released their first full-length studio album, Here For Jesus. After releasing four singles this year alone, the album was highly anticipated by NLM fans. The project consists of 10 songs, including its four singles, “Shepherd”, “Reconciler”, “Claim It All”, and “More Than Words.” With only 40 minutes worth of music, the 26-member group proves why their listeners keep asking for more.

As if 26 voices aren’t enough, the worship group included features on the album from Leeland, and Dove-award-winning New Artist of the Year, Aaron Cole. In a recent press release, the group described the influence of the album. “A creative, time period piece, marrying together worship with throwback sounds from ’70s and present-day musical influences, ‘Here For Jesus’ feels ready to become a modern classic. Imagine worship music that's a mix of Elton John, Queen, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West – it's an album unlike any you've ever heard and one you can't miss”, says the group. If that doesn’t make you wanna check the album out and give it a shot, then I don’t know what will.

With all of this free time during quarantine & social distancing, I’m sure we all have 40 minutes to spare. Why not use it to check out this hot new worship album by Nashville Life Music called “Here For Jesus.” The project is available on all streaming platforms, and if Jesus is always here for you, let’s be here for him and give this album a stream or two. As always, stay tuned & stay safe!

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