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Pink Sweat$ Releases “The Prelude” for His Upcoming Album

New artist Pink Sweat$ released an EP titled The Prelude to build anticipation for his upcoming album Pink Planet. Originally the album was set to release at an earlier date. However due to the current world events it was pushed back to a later and unknown date.

The album is composed of six songs that will appear again upon the release of the Pink Planet. By releasing these six songs he shows his variations of talent and also giving back to supporting fans.

Pink Sweat$ is a Philadelphia artist that embraces groovy, R&B, and disco- pop themes throughout his music. Through each lyric in this EP he shows his creativity by expressing vulnerable music that comes off natural and relatable.

Along with the release of this EP there was also a music video made for his song “Icy”. The song and video gave off an 80s vibe but also stayed true to modern R&B. The dancers in the video all made statements by wearing pink bandanas as a mask and most of the video was highlighted with pink touches.

While waiting for the release of the Pink Planet be sure to check out The Prelude on all music platforms. Also checkout the music video for Pink Sweat$ song “Icy” below.

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