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So, You Want to Start a Beauty Blog?

So, you want to know how to start a beauty blog! What is a better time than now to share your passion and even make some extra income doing what you love to do? In this article we will be going helpful tips to ensure you have a professional and eye-catching blog posting about makeup, hairstyling, skincare, DIY, product launches and everything to do with beauty!

Believe it or not Beauty blogs are an incredibly popular type of blog to run and if you start a beauty blog, you have a very good chance to make money blogging. You know exactly who your target market is and how to create the perfect atmosphere to sell t your market. Here are 10 tips to kick off your very own Beauty Blog!

#1 Give your Blog a Catchy Name

Before you start anything, you need to give your blog a Name! Keep in mind to use something Short and Simple that is easily memorable and pertains to what your blog is about. Once you settle on a name make sure you search to see if others have that name and claim that name as your domain. (Bluehost is a good site to use to verify your blog name)

#2 Find your Purpose

Once you settle on your name determined what is the purpose of the blog and be consistent with that purpose. That will be your platform and the more specific you are the better articulate your page will come across and attract the one who shares that similar interest.

# 3 Know Your Audience

Keep in mind who will your audience be and use that to create e the perfect blog for them ask yourself questions like. What problem would they have and how do I solve it? What would my audience enjoy? These types of question will ensure you are always creating engaging content.

#4 Pick a Theme and stick to it!

Choosing a color scheme, a specific font a certain ling0 or a catchphrase is creating the aesthetic and vibe that will attract people to your page and make a lasting impression.

#5 What’s Your Brand?

Whether your brand is promoting natural products, inexpensive makeup, makeup reviews, or breaking beauty standards. Having a Clear image and explanation of what your blog represents is the clear way of establishing an authentic page and much easier to remain organize and gain a solid audience.

#6 Promote Yourself

Once you have established your brand, audience, theme, and content you need to get it out there ! Do not be afraid to use your other social media to promote your work. Sometimes you must be you biggest fan and the rest will follow.

#7 Pretty Please Post, Post, and Post

To get followers you need to be provide constant posting to get people to notice. the more you post the faster you grow. Its sounds simple, but when life happens it can be challenging to make time for the things you want, and that is one of the biggest challenges you must overcome. Once you do you will see the growth.

#8 Make engaging Content

Once you gain your following and audience make sure you are creating interesting content. Look at trends, get creative, and step out your comfort zone. Blend your interest to things that you would like to try and share with the audience.

#9 Stay True to you

Its always helpful to study trends within the beauty community, world, and what other beauty bloggers are doing for ideas. However, keep in mind this is your blog and your perspective and that is why your blog is unique. Stay true to what you want to see and always trust your instincts.

#10 Have FUN!

Always remember why you wanted to start this blog and just have fun going through the process. The more you enjoy the more engaging the content will be for you and people viewing! Do not get caught up in the likes, views , and ectara, Just enjoy the moment you’re in and keep pushing.

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