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Brandy Returns to Music Releasing Her New Album

After eight years Grammy Award-winning artist Brandy finally released her seventh studio album “B7” on July 31st. The album features artists Chance The Rapper, Daniel Caesar, and her daughter Sy’Rai.

Brandy co-produced and co-wrote this album which has been in the works since 2017 after ending her contract with Chameleon Entertainment. The album is a fresh new R&B sound giving the soul but also a mixture of other genres like pop and electric.

Through the album there are also hidden messages intertwined in her music about romantic relationships, being a single mother, and also mental illness. Like other artists due to the global pandemic Brandy’s album was pushed back to accommodate current events.

Her song “Baby Mama” was actually released before Mother’s Day as a single before appearing on the “B7” album. The song was dedicated to single mothers who are raising their kids without a spouse. The song also has a music video.

Another song “Borderline” was inspired to tell a musical story about mental illness which has a music video of Brandy in an asylum. At the end of the video they made sure to recognize the reality of mental illness and the effects of it.

Be sure to check out Brandy’s new album “B7” on all musical platforms along with her music videos for “Baby Mama” and “Borderline.”


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