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How to Style Your HBCU Paraphernalia

It's no secret that HBCU students and alumni are super proud of their schools and over the years they have used HBCU gear to express that pride! Modern time HBCU style consists of suits, sweats and t-shirts and other urban influenced apparel. Even bohemian purses now have hbcu logos. Knowing where to find the best HBCU apparel is the easy part but how to style it could be a little tricky. Here are pictures that can help you channel your inner style for school pride.

1. Support Black Colleges Hoodies: made to support & spread awareness of HBCUs. Simply style a hoodie with a simple pair or jeans, leggings or etc. this is a super easy outfit that can be put together easily.

2. HBCU-ISH T-shirt: This is a fun creative way to show school spirit while being super creative. Many of you have heard of the show ‘BLACK-ISH” now their a shirt that is in reference to it “HBCU-ISH” this is a cute on the way to class kind of shirt or out and about and can be styled with again cute pair of bottoms, with makeup to slay.

3. Simple school spirit shirt styled with ripped jeans and boots. This style is simple but really stylish. While showing school spirit you can still put your own style to it while your rep.

4. HBCU Buzz has opened a clothing store for HBCU Apparel for all Students, Alumni, and Greeks. So everyone can proudly represent their university or organization, These hoodies and shirts displayed in the picture will help students feel their best while styling it up.

5. Rock this statement of pride and community. Simply rock this shirt with a nice pair or jeans or etc. this is a great way to express to people when being college bound HBCU should be the first choice. So this could be styled for a kickback but classy type of day.


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