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When Will They Arrest the Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor

It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard the story of the tragic death of the young African American woman, Breonna Taylor. It started with officers conducting a police search into the affairs of her boyfriend, Kenneth walker. She was caught in the crossfire between Walker and the police in her home and did not receive medical attention for twenty minutes. Of the four officers supposedly responsible for her death only one, Brett Hankinson, has been fired for “firing ten shots blindly into the patio”. The rest of the officers were simply reassigned. In fact, the only individual charged with anything was Breonna’s boyfriend., though the charges have since been dropped.

This has spawned a large amount of media outrage and the phrase “arrest the the cops that killed Breonna Taylor” being so often repeated it has become a social media catchphrase. This, however flippant, has played a large role in Breonna Taylor’s story getting the media attention she deserves.

Reviving the hashtag #Sayhername and bringing to light the female victims of police brutality that are often ignored, there have also been plenty of protests in her name as well.

A protest in Breonna’s hometown of Louisville KY, resulted in the arrest of Real housewives of​ Atlanta star​, Porsha Williams as well as Love and hip hop: New York star ​​Yandy Smith as well as activist Tamika Mallory. They were charged with intimidating a participant in a legal process, disorderly conduct in the second degree, and criminal trespassing, according to an LMPD spokesperson. 87 Protesters were also arrested as a result of an organized sit-in in front of the district attorney Daniel Cameron’s homes. Charged with similar violations. Protesters hope that all this sacrifice will not be in vain and will result in the termination and indictment of the officers that killed Breonna Taylor.

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