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Back with another banger listeners can vibe to is Bizzy Crook. His August 7 released single “Rich and Damaged” captures the listener's empathy as the song details how a lot of men feel in relationships. The hook pulls the listeners in right away and sets the mood for the rest of the song. In the hook, Bizzy is repeatedly asked by a female voice “Why you so cold? Why you be dubbing these h*es? Why you so in love with the dough? Is you gonna love me or no? Did somebody hurt you before?” to which he responds “What you ain't know?!”

The song was written by Bizzy Crook and produced by VIZN. There is a melodious vibe in his song as he shares his mixed emotions and conflicting thoughts.

Bizzy strays away from the ordinary music video by having a therapist concept where his good and evil self sits upon the therapist’s shoulders. Bizzy raps to the therapist throughout the video speaking his truth and sharing his feelings about his relationship with his ex. Later in the video, he appears at a strip club where he is too busy throwing money at a stripper and having a good time he misses a call and text from his ex. The video then cuts back to the therapist where she brushes the good Bizzy off her shoulder. The good Bizzy immediately climbs back onto the therapist’s shoulder and smiles while Bizzy raps “I take your loving for granted, I’m not a hopeless romantic.” The creative video was directed by Chris Moreno, Bizzy Crook, Goodluck Dan, and ATLSnake. Bizzy Crook released his album on August 21, 2020, which includes this hot track.

As Bizzy Crook continues his ascent to the top make sure you check out his new single “Rich and Damaged” on all musical platforms and his music video on YouTube..

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