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How to Detox Your Wardrobe

How many times have you heard or said “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” well the truth is we all stood in front of our closet saying that while frustrated and overwhelmed because you can’t assemble a simple outfit from your options of clothes. If this is you it's probably time for a closet detox. With a detox it can help you solve your wardrobe problems giving you more of an insight of what you own. You can achieve this by cleaning your closet often, you'll be able to see what items you can actually wear, which items are in the way, which items you should be wearing more. By purging your closet you will be shocked at how many outfit options you have. The best part is you will have it so much easier getting dressed especially in the morning.

  1. Get two large plastic bags or (garbage bags) and one bin: one garbage bag for trash and one for donations and a bin for storing items. Those bags will fill up fast and then some. Be prepared to use your muscles to bring the bag to your local goodwill or salvation army.

  2. Play Music: the only way to really get through a detox is to play some good will keep you upbeat and happy, choose something that makes you focused and happy. Of course you can sing along and dance, to if need be.

  3. Identify which clothes you wear: if you run across an outfit that has been sitting in your closet for awhile. You might never wear it.

  4. Be honest with yourself: chances might be that you still have items in your closet that don't belong there. The items listed below are broken in three categories.

  • Clothes you wish you would wear

  • Clothes that were-super expensive

  • Clothes that are sentimental

Think about those things while cleaning out your closet.

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