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Top 10 Black Fashion Influencers

We can all say for many years, the fashion industry hasn’t acknowledged many black voices. The industry has fallen tremendously because of its anti racist allies and they have a lot of work to do. Fortunately, with today's social media black creatives can express and show their work in their own words and be heard. Here Fashion Gawdz will show you amazing Black fashion designers, models, bloggers, editors and what your feed is missing. These 10 women have it all amazing style and content that makes them who they are. We are showcasing artists who are making an impact on the world and sharing their influence on the world to our readers. These women are changing the game simply by one post at a time. Keep reading to be inspired, hit that follow button and share the black voices now.

1. Shelcy & Christy Joseph: The Joseph sisters are Haitian and are the founders of the creative society NYC CLOTHES & Friends. The sisters create stunning Instagram posts and they also have a YouTube channel where they give insiders a look as they work toward their mission to empower women all over the world to explore their full potential and do it while in style. They have started hosting events to help them channel their mission. FOLLOW THEM @NYCXCLOTHES

2. Micaela Verrelien: Micaela is a New York City- based Fashion influencer, and Wilhelmina model. Who fell in love with fashion at 12 years old, while in high school her father passed away she began to use fashion as a way of expression. As she got older she began to read fashion magazines and a lot. She now graces the cover of popular magazines such as Refinery29,Vogue, NYmag. Haitian born beauty wasn’t always a full time model but a full time accountant before she got the start. She now has her own growing digital brand for years. FOLLOW HER Instagram @MICAELVERRELIEN. READ HER BLOG: Micaela Verrelien

3. Gabbi Gregg: Blogger, Designer, Digital Star, and Model. She began blogging in 2008 but went viral in 2012 because of a post of her wearing a striped bikini for a swimwear collection with Swimsuitsforall. She changed the game for plus sized women and launched a plus size apparel line Premme with influencer Nicolette Mason. FOLLOW HER Instagram @GABIFRESH

4. Oriane Adijibi: a NYC based model and content creator. Follow her Instagram @MYFASHIONBREAK

5. Makeda Saggau-Sackey : Saggau Sackey is from Brooklyn, a plus sized model who owns a blog named Glamazon Diaries, where she blogs about fashion, food and lifestyle blog, it was founded in 2007 in Washington, DC, it inspires and encourages women all over. Her blog has the answers to all your questions about trends & etc. FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM @GLAMAZONDIARIES

6. Natasha Ndlovu: A London- based model and founder of the creative community Vintage Assembly. She also has her own blog where you can follow up on trends today and have all your questions answered about style. FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM @NATASHANDLOVU

7. Coco Bassey: NYC- and Atlanta based blogger and fashionista. Who runs the infamous site MILLENNIELLE . FOLLOW HER @COCOBASSEY

8. Amy Julliette Lefévre: New York- based model with Q Models NYC Los Angeles Models. FOLLOW HER @@lefevrediary. Not only is she empowering women but standing for our rights as black women, she recently left a fashion show over racist accessories she’s a true leader in the fashion industry

9 Lydia Tsegay: Stockholm based style and fashion influencer. FOLLOW HER @FEMMEBLK. She is one of the new generation of influencers and she’s definitely killing it.

10. Thamarr Guerrier: A fashion influencer and creative director of the blog and shop Musings of a Curvy Lady. follow her @@musingsofacurvylady. A fashion blog for the curvy girl next door.

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