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Hold Me Close!

Still on the rise! Up and coming gospel extraordinaire 21-year-old Kelontae Gavin has released his new single “Hold Me Close”. With this single added a fresh take on gospel that’ll appeal both younger and older crowds. Appearing now on the Top 20 on Billboard’s Gospel National Airplay Chart, once again he’s released another hit song. Kelontae Gavin vocals first went viral in 2014 where he appeared in a video (taken in his school’s cafeteria) singing “I Won't Complain” by Rev. Paul Jones. His cover of this classic gospel tune quickly got the attention of thousands of viewers, who were eager to hear more of his beautiful voice. Following his viral moment, in 2017 he kept up the momentum released his first EP “Higher”, which them appeared on Top 25 on Billboard Hot Single Sales.

Not only has he appeared on Billboard charts several times, Kelontae has also gained recognition from respected figures in the pastoral world such as Marquis Boone who helped produced his new single “Hold Me Close”. Mr. Boone displayed praises of Kelontae when he said “I am excited for the opportunity to yet again share the gifts and talent of Kelontae Gavin.

His ministry is powerful, and we are going to share the gospel in new and innovative ways. His ability to touch young people is going to open a global soundstage for him, "shares Marquis Boone of Marquis Boone Enterprises (MBE). Kelontae’s impact is evident in the world of gospel and the only way is up from here be sure to tune into his new hit single “Hold Me Close” available now!!

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