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Steps to Become a Fashion Designer

Who doesn't want to be a fashion designer? Creating new and innovative clothing pieces that many people all over the world may seem like the best job to have on this earth. A fashion designer comes up with the latest trends and the hottest clothes to hit the fashion market. Even though many want to be fashion designers, They probably do not know where to start. There is no exact way or path to take to get into the fashion industry. People who are big time fashion designers do not always have the same path or even started out wanting to be fashion designers. At the end of the day it's all about the determination and hard work that you have in order to get where you want to be.

Today I have found different steps that you could take in your journey of becoming the biggest fashion designer this world has seen. If Fashion design is your passion then these different steps that I am about to share with you all will work. They will work along with your hard work and courage because the fashion industry is not an easy industry to break into. Everyone is trying to get to the top.

Step 1: Understand the industry. It is so important to understand and educate yourself on the fashion industry. There are so many things to know from who are the high ups in the fashion industry ? When are Fall/Winter collections being presented ? how to present your fashion collections ? and so much more. The more you know the more people are willing to listen to you and wear your designs.

Step 2: Improve and Develop your Craft. Even the biggest and famous fashion designers are always learning new skills and bettering their designs. It's always important to step up and improve your design techniques as you go. The fashion industry is a fast-paced and always moving industry with new and innovative technique and skills coming out by the day.

Step 3: Come Up with what Type Of Style You Design For Discovering what you like and what you want your target audience to be is crucial. You can not be a brand that produces street wear then contemporary wear and then bohemian chic wear. The consumer is going to be confused and not want to buy from you because there are too many sense of styles to choose from. Sticking to one sense of style will allow you to perfect and execute that one style and have consumers from all over to try purchasing clothing from you.

Step 4: Come Up With A Name: Your brand's name is going to be what defines you and what kind of style you design for. For example the fashion brand, Free People creates clothing for the free spirit and bohemian style girl. This is why their brand name is Free People. The brand name and the clothing you make has to go hand and hand. if not it will just confuse the consumer.

Step 5: Be Patient and Determined: This is the key step when starting anything. You are not going to be at the Chanel, Givenchy, OFF-WHITE, or Valentino level tomorrow. It takes time and hard work to get where those luxury brands are today. If you keep releasing astounding clothing pieces and getting them in the right hands, your brand will soon blow up and eventually become the next Chanel or Dior.

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