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5 basics anyone needs in their wardrobe

Basics are the building blocks of every good wardrobe. No matter what gender, you can dress these pieces up or down, wear alone, accessorize, or add statement pieces. Let's take a look at five basics anyone would need in their wardrobe.

  1. A nice white button up can go a long way; because you can dress it up or down due to it being such a versatile item, and effortless piece that men or women can wear anywhere: to the beach or to work. This is definite must have in your closet.

  2. The colors you should own are black, white, nude, and navy blue. Tops and bottoms, for women a bodysuit, and for men fitted tees are staples for dressing up or down!

  3. Everyone should own a blazer or suit jacket. Clothing stores have them, often over-priced. You can also find great quality blazers at thrift stores for less than half of the price. Women can dress a blazer up with dress pants and heels, or dress down with a nice button down, straight leg jeans and flats or sneakers. On the other hand, men can wear a suit and tie with loafers or a fitted tee with a blazer and matching pants.

  4. A nice denim pair of jeans consisting of medium wash, black, or white, these color of jeans are easily parable with all elements of your closet and that’s how anyone can build a capsule wardrobe.

  5. Quality basic trousers navy, black, or tan this will go with anything, and is a nice essential to not just own but wear and pair.


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