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Alfred Duncan Shows Just How Much He Loves Black Love

In 2017 The Duncan surprise wedding went viral on YouTube when a Black man proposed to his fiancé and planned a surprise wedding that same day. The couple became an internet sensation and have been seen on many talk and radio shows promoting Black Love and marriage. The Duncan’s are still together and Alfred Duncan created a song about Black love promoting marriage in the Black community.

“Forever Loving” was released in October of 2020 and featured two other artists: Kinjee and Steve Roy. Alfred Duncan has also been featured on a few other albums and songs and has a collection of a few songs he has done in the past.

His song celebrates the idea of Black people engaging in marriage and acknowledging the journey of marriage with all the trials and tribulations. However, “Forever Loving” is promoting the idea of Black Love and showing just how powerful marriage is when you are with the right person.

Along with the song a music video was created showcasing Black Love in different age groups and the interactions between couples in love. You saw all shades of couples fellowshipping with one another rejoicing and singing about loving the person you are married too.

As Valentine's Day approaches be sure to check out Alfred Duncan’s new song “Forever Loving” on YouTube and all music platforms.

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