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All the Rumors are True!

Popstar Lizzo released her single “Rumors” featuring Cardi B on August 13th. This was Lizzo’s first single in almost two years. The music video dropped the same day, displaying Lizzo and Cardi B as Greek goddesses in a Hercules type setting. The two decided to address rumors about themselves in the piece. Although it is an entertaining, light-hearted song, it also holds weight. Lizzo sings about how internet trolls constantly try to bring her down, but it doesn’t faze her confidence.

During an Instagram Live Video, Lizzo broke down in tears after the backlash of the video from internet trolls. Trolls began to make racist and fat shaming comments.

Lizzo explained. Lizzo talked about not usually letting hate faze her, but when she works so hard to be brought down, she gets upset. Lizzo took to Twitter and tweeted “Loving yourself in a world that doesn’t love u back takes an incredible amount of self awareness & a bulls**t detector that can see through a** backwards societal standards.. If you managed to love yourself today, I’m proud of u. If you haven't, I’m still proud of u. This s**ts hard”. Lizzo is often brought down and talked about in the media because of the way she looks. Lizzo continues to hold herself up and always comes back better than before. Cardi B was also seen on Twitter standing up for Lizzo. “Rumors” has been doing exceptionally well. It is now number 17 on the Billboard 100. Lizzo encourages fans to stay true to themselves and not everyone will like everything about them. Lizzo promotes body positivity and self love through her music and actions.

Watch the "Rumors" video below


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