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Beauty Must Haves for the Gym

Staying fresh and clean while at the gym and after the gym is super important. Lets keep up our hygienic appearance together with some of these Beauty Must-haves that many Fitness gurus use to stay glowing and healthy all day long.

  1. Sea Breeze Astringent (Toner): Essential after a good work out, to clear those open pores of sweat, dirt, and oils that are looking to seep into your pores and cause skin problems. (Walmart, $9.95).

2. Natural Deodorant: A good deodorant is probably the key to a post workout routine. Especially if you planned on running small errands before heading home to shower. A natural deodorant will sooth your underarms and give it a fresh smell to carry you through. (Target, $6.99).

3. Jasmine Body Oil: This product can be soothing and beneficial to the skin before a workout. It will provide the skin with necessary nutrients to glow and of course the shine is a natural glowing effect anyone would love. (Herbivore, $26).

4. Moisturizing Cream: Everyone needs the basic body lotion in their gym bag. This is super helpful for those people who tend to be dry, especially in the fall or cooler weather. (Target, $5.39).. .

5. Lip Balm: You ever have dry lips or skin after a workout. Well let a fitness guru tell it you need a handy lip balm in your bag for purposes of moisturizing as needed. (Sephora, $18).

6. Revival Dry Hair Oil: A healthy hair oil allows you to move quickly while still looking flawless. Depending upon your hair textures dry hair oil can be beneficial and add shine and gloss to your look after a workout when your hair oils are ripped from your hair. (Ulta, $11.49).

7. Gloss Balm: A high shine, soft balm post workout helps you keep your confidence high and flaunted. This is a beauty product that can be worn before, at, and after the gym. It's the versatility that makes it so unique for the gym. (Glossier, $12).

8. Sweat Cleansing Towelette: Anyone who workouts knows after the workout you are looking to freshen up before even leaving the gym. For a quick and effective clean you can use these wipes to remove a thick layer of dirt and unwanted oils from the skin. Wipes can even add a likeable soft fragrance to the body, removing the smell of sweat. (Switch 2 Pure, $18).

9. Antioxidant Serum: This is a beauty product that is efficient within different weather conditions. Oftentimes you will use this to protect your skin from harsh sun attention to the skin and even sweating effects. Layering this serum defends the skin post workout, specifically a workout in the sun. (Fenty Skin, $28).

10. Facial Cleansing Wipes: If you are someone who loves to workout but is also a busy working woman. A cleansing facial wipe is very useful for your routine. Many wipes are just used for wiping away bacteria and dirt, but these wipes are not only organic but they are also moisturizing while doing the original job of a cleansing wipe. (Ogee, $19).


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