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Black Woman Creates Live Social Shopping Platform: ReUp

When social media was first created, I’m sure the creators of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram didn’t think much about users utilizing their apps for shopping purposes. Over the last couple of years, more and more people are getting their shopping recommendations from their social apps, rather than magazines and television. Facebook now has Facebook Market, where users are able to post, share and buy items that are brand new or even slightly used. Instagram has made it easier for users to buy products from brands directly through their app, even offering 20% off for first time users (on select purchases only)!

Meka Knepley noticed these trends and decided to create an app that would not only give consumers a new way to shop, but also allow brands to connect with their audiences in a new way. ReUp has an interface similar to Tik-Tok, where shoppers can bookmark, save, share, comment or follow any store that has a presence on the platform. The app currently has beauty, personal care, lifestyle, fashion, personal grooming and relaxation brands that offer a variety of goods that can meet the shoppers’ wants and needs. Sellers can create vertical content for their followers to show them different wats to use the products, the behind-the-scenes of creation, or even just share more product images!

As the wife of one of Fortnite Battle Royale’s creators, Pete Knepley, Meka is aware of what’s needed to make a digital experience successful! Combining that with her passion for problem solving and her full-stack developer background, ReUp is sure to be an impressive application!

ReUp’s mobile app is currently available for both buyers and sellers to download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

To learn more, please visit


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