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Bobby Fishscale Drops New Video - "Dreamin" from Latest EP, The Last Re-Up

Bobby Fishscale is no stranger to the music industry, born in Quincy, Florida, where he was brought up under his father's musical expertise, he knew music like the back of his hand. He was surrounded by the lifestyle of a DJ and used music as a coping mechanism. Over time he

perfected his craft and prospered into a delivery genius and lyrical mastermind. With such undeniable talent, he grabbed the attention of hip hop platforms, social media, and celebrities! He eventually dropped his debut mixtape called "Big Fish" which started bidding wars amongst the top record labels. On August 7, 2020, when Fly, Dizzy, Matt, and Omar heard his music, they let Roc Nation hear it and they called him, he ended up signing that same day.

Now, on Bobby Fishscale’s latest EP The Last Re-Up, he has numerous hit songs, but one, in

particular, is "Dreamin" which he just released a new video for. The video was shot by Nitro4K,

it opens with “In loving memory of Deandre Martin AKA Mike Larry Promo 08/04/1989 -

08/29/2020.” Bobby Fishscale is then seen rapping on a roof parking lot which then cuts to him performing at a concert in front of a large crowd. Throughout the song, money is thrown out to the crowd and he flashes his bling as he raps about going from nothing to something. “I came from Citi Trends now I’m shopping at Neiman’s” is repeated in the chorus throughout the song and “I talk so much pain when I rap my soul hurt” to “I went to Roc Nation and I signed the

same day.” He details his come-up journey and having to “Pinch myself cause I thought that I was dreamin’” His raw and organic lyrics over this bass dropping beat is very moving and inspirational. Bobby Fishscale is a living example of “Dreams don't work unless you do” - John C. Maxwell.

With Bobby Fishscale growing thousands of followers/viewers daily, it is clear that he is an up-

and-coming artist destined for greatness. If you haven’t heard his name before, you will soon.

Make sure you listen to his latest EP “The Last Re-Up” which is now available on all musical



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