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Bobby V Drops New Single “Reply”

R&B singer, songwriter, and actor, Bobby V formerly Bobby Valentino, was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. With an adamant passion for music, he started pursuing his dreams early, but his parents were skeptical about the music industry. By the age of 16, he convinced his parents that music is what he is meant to do by connecting with the Organized Noize production team. He later formed an R&B group called Mista, and they went on to receive some recognition for their single "Blackberry Molasses." After the group's fame trickled out and management problems arose, Bobby V decided to prioritize education and attended Clark Atlanta University for mass communications, graduating with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004. After expanding his knowledge about the entertainment industry, he went on to be discovered by Ludacris and later added to the DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) crew. Where he continued his music and released the iconic Billboard hit "Slow Down.” From that moment forward, it was only up, the Grammy Awards to the NAACP Image Awards, Bobby V was ascending. While he did bounce around different labels, he made sure to evolve his music and keep chasing his dreams. His latest single, “Reply,” speaks to the level of determination, growth, and skill Bobby V possesses.

The Melinda Santiago produced and directed music video opened with Bobby V at a photoshoot and constantly checking his phone; the photographer eventually confiscated his phone. Bobby V is later seen interrupting his pick-up basketball game to check his phone. The music video transitions to Bobby V continuously checking his phone while recording in the studio. The video cuts to a group of ladies sitting on a couch, sipping on wine, chillin, and checking their phones. Bobby V is then seen putting his phone next to him in bed, and one girl is left on the couch from the previous scene. Bobby V then goes to sleep and finally receives a “Reply” to his message that he has been waiting for. The Veltree Music Group/ Bronx Bridge Entertainment artist has truly put his heart and soul into this piece. Written by Bobby V and Christopher Newland, this relatable topic is encountered by so many people today. The soft and

sultry instrumental beat flows seamlessly with Bobby V’s soulful tone.

The lyrics “Please tell me you can read my mind, Before I get to textin' you?, hit me back, I just wanna reply, Come by, Hit me up, hit me up, babe, I wanna hear from you, This about to be our year” showcase the struggles people face when trying to date and connect with people. The phrase “left on read” and “no-reply” are commonly used today, and these issues are depicted in Bobby V’s astounding single “Reply.”

With the icon himself, Bobby V, coming back blazing a trail. It is a perfect time to catch up on all his 90’s and R&B soul, along with checking out his new single “Reply,” available on all music platforms now.


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