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Brat Loves Judy is BACK!

Big Booty Judy and Brat-A-Tat’s show, Brat Loves Judy is back for another season! This time the couple is tying the knot, but not without their fair share of obstacles. Just like any couple, before you get married, there are certain conversations that you should have even though they might not be easy. Talking about things like career paths and babies are just some of the topics that Judy and Brat are trying to work through before they have their special day on 2/22/22. This season you’re going to see the tough conversations, but you’ll also see the beautiful moments leading up to their wedding day AND the ceremony.

You can watch Brat Loves Judy live on Thursday nights at 9pm ET on WEtv or stream it the following Monday on ALLBLK.

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/ATLPics


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