Chance The Rapper Drops “Are U Live” with Jeremih and Valee

Chance The Rapper A.K.A Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is an Aries native to Chicago’s south side. Chance started rapping at just 10 years old when his cousin started letting him use his studio. At the time, Chance rapped under the name Chano and even formed a group called Instrumentality with his friend, J-Emcee. Chance The Rapper looked up to Michael Jackson and Kanye West and used them as his musical inspiration. Chance continued expanding his expertise in music throughout his elementary, middle, and high school years. However, he was suspended for 10 days for marijuana possession during his senior year at Jones College Prep High School. During those 10 days, most people would waste away (watch tv, sleep, eat, etc.), but instead, Chance used every minute to do what he loves and recorded his first solo mixtape, 10 Day. At that point, he started gaining the attention of local media and other musicians. Only a year after graduation, Childish Gambino invited Chance The Rapper to open for him on tour, and a year after that, one of Chance The Rapper’s most notable albums dropped: Acid Rap. From that point on, it was only up for the fastly rising Hip Hop prodigy; he went on to become a Grammy Award Winner, NAACP Image Award Winner, American Music Awards Winner, among many more. Today Chance The Rapper is known worldwide and consistently drops fire music that doesn’t disappoint. On December 3, 2020, Chance The Rapper gifted us with another smash hit with Jeremih and Valee.

Chance The Rapper dropped the “Are U Live” music video to YouTube on December 3, 2020. Chase The Money produced the track, and the music video was directed by Lyrical Lemonade (Cole Bennett). The music video showcases a lit kickback Christmas party with dancing, rapping, and video games. Throughout the music video, the guys are chilling with their homies and just cooling, enjoying the holidays, and vibing with each other. The track is upbeat and turnt, and Chance The Rapper’s comical unique bars just bring the song to a whole other world, while Jeremih and Valee add a fresh splash to the track. The song is different in a good way and exactly what we need more of during these difficult times. Some fun bars include “It's a Audi, zoom-zoom, ZZ's, nap, Hit it, stamp, lean, frap, Nasty, Handshake, what's that? Dab, F**k with my 12's, Wisconsin Dells, With the wood in my ear, made the roof disappear, I'm sorta boujee, but I'm not a b***h, You got the goose, but it's not a Givenchy, I got the loot, eatin' good, At Mariano's, I got my pooch, I hit a lick, didn't touch your tongue, I got blue huns, separate the ones, Ice cubes on my eggnog, Ms. Claus in them red draws.

This fun song will easily uplift your spirits and put you in a groovy mood. With these unprecedented times affecting people so greatly, we take for granted the power of music and being able to enjoy ourselves. This song will definitely get you dancing and is just what we all need right now, so be sure to check it out on all musical platforms now.

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