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Country Singer Katelyn Paige Becomes a Tik Tok Sensation

Rising country singer Katelyn Paige’s new single “Daisy Dukes” is becoming a viral sensation on Tik Tok and has also garnered attention on YouTube.

The Georgia based singer released her single back in August and also has a line dance to go along with the song. The dance has been seen on Tik Tok from viewers and the music video has reached more than 250,000 views on YouTube.

Paige collaborated with five time Grammy nominated producer Jean-Marie Horvat who has managed to work with artists like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. The single took country music to a whole different level with it’s lyrics and catchy beat and a dance to go along with it. With the blend of traditional country, R&B, and hip hop music this song has the ability to attract different people from all backgrounds.

Katelyn Paige is now a viral sensation creating her musical platform as an artist with her music being available on musical platforms and streaming services. Be sure to check out all her new music including her single and music video “Daisy Dukes”. Paige’s Tik Tok is @katelynpaige_kp and where you can find her and her followers videos attached to “Daisy Dukes”.

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