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Digital Underground's Shock G passes away at 58

Gregory E. Jacobs, also known as Shock G or Humpty Hump, passed away from an accidental drug overdose on April 22, 2021. It has been reported that the hip-hop legend suffered from drug and substance abuse months before his overdose. However, while the reports show the negative side of Shock G, people will never really know what was going on behind closed doors unless they knew him personally. Instead of people criticizing and feeding into societal norms, people need to celebrate, remember, and appreciate the hip hop and rap legends that have paved the way for music today.

Gregory E. Jacobs was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in both New York and Tampa, Florida. He quickly found a passion for music and relocated to Oakland, California, where he formed Digital Underground with Chopmaster J in 1987. Shock G poured everything into Digital Underground, and his hard work paid off when their debut album, Sex Packets, went platinum (Doowutchyalike and The Humpty Dance were favorites in the album). The Humpty Dance even earned Digital Underground a Grammy nomination and became a classic anthem consistently played on MTV and at neighborhood cookouts. While The Humpty Dance was a highlight in Digital Underground’s career, they continued their legacy by releasing six more successful albums.

Shock G then found himself mentoring one of the biggest rap names in history, Tupac. Shock G took Tupac under his wing and had him working as a roadie until he produced Tupac's first top 10 single, I Get Around. Although Shock G did not discover Tupac, he definitely played a vital role in the industry. It is safe to say that Gregory E. Jacobs shocked the world with his creativity and electric personality in everything he touched. Even though he has passed on, many of his friends, supporters, and fans have gone out of their way to remember his legacy. The 2Pac official page posted a quote and picture from 1995 to remember the “best times.” Grandmaster Flash, Bootsy Collins, and SheilaEdrummer, among others, have also posted, shouted out, and sent their love and prayers to Shock G’s family and friends. Although the hip hop and rap industry took a hit on April 22, 2021, it is now the duty of up-and-coming and established artists to continue the legacy of those who came before them and paved the way for hip hop and rap music today.

Sending love and prayers to the family and friends of Gregory E. Jacobs.

RIP Shock G


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