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Dodging Doncic Again

The Los Angelos Clippers survive yet another intense playoff series against the Dallas Maverick as they did in last year's series which went to six games, but this time the series went to seven games. Just like in the last years series Luka Doncic was a force to recon with game after game. Averaging an insane 35.7 points per game shooting 49% from the field, 7.9 rebounds per game, and 10.3 assists per game. Just like in the series last season Luka led the Mavs to a two-game lead in the series and with Kristaps Porzingis playing this year's series made it look as if the Mavs could take series. However, Porzingis was there physically, but in the stat sheet he was missing in action with his constant inconsistency.

It is not to take away from the fact that the Clippers left it all on the floor to come out on top in this series because they certain did. With Kawhi Leonard leading the way with his 32.1 points

per game shooting 61.2% from the field, as well as Paul George who lived up to his self- proclaimed name “Playoff P” this series with his consistency in key moments throughout the series, from elimination game six to games seven these two played like men on a mission.

Overall, the Clippers move on in the Playoffs to face the Utah Jazz, and with the Lakers being eliminated first round gives them a great chance to make it to the Finals, but Utah is still the

number one seed, so the round is not exactly smooth sailing. As for the Mavericks it seems that they may need to add another dominant scorer that can complement the scoring ability of

Luka, so that Luka does not have to carry so much of the scoring load and actually have the chance to seal the deal with championship level teams like the Clippers.


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