Domani Releases His Deluxe Album

Atlanta rap artist Domani released his new single “Show Off” on the deluxe version of his album “Time Will Tell”. The deluxe album was released on August 26th and along with “Show Off” there are four other new songs with two of them being live recordings.

The songs are “Daydream”, “Show Off” and a remastered version of “Used to Be” as well as the live versions of “One Day” and “The Truth”. "Daydream" featuring new artist Reuben Vincent.

The deluxe album shows a deeper side of the artist by adding trap and soul allowing his fans to fully discover his intellect within music.

Domani’s single “Myself” was released a month ago and also came along with a visual music video.

Be sure to check out his new single “Myself” and his deluxe album “Time Will Tell.” Available on all musical platforms.

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