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Down Baby Down

Johnathan Lyndale Kirk also known as DaBaby recently performed during Miami‘s Rolling Loud. Rolling loud gives artists the opportunity to perform in front of a huge crowd. Rolling Loud is a very big opportunity for new artists. The public may know the baby for the insane and lively concerts that he puts on for his fans, however, he has gone too far this time. Usually, Dababy uses characters & crowd surfs a pool of people to put on a show but his introduction this day into his set might have cost him his career.

The shade room shared a clip of DaBaby telling his rolling loud audience to put a finger in the air if they weren’t sucking in the parking lot. Put a finger in the air if they were clean from HIV and AIDS. After the circulating video Dababy has been dropped from multiple festivals because of his Insensitivity and lack of knowledge. In Addition, his arrogant responses after the overflow of social media caused him millions of dollars. Dababy then continued on by making a personal video on his Instagram page stating that his words were taken out of context. However, he only made it worse as he began to try to make jokes about his statements. Celebrities like Dua Lipa spoke out about his comments and made it very clear that they are not a part of his shenanigans and are surprised by his actions.

The backlash from social media and celebrities pushed several festivals and a clothing line to drop their partnership deals with Dababy. You may ask yourself now where does that leave DaBaby? Although he’s been dropped from multiple festivals and losing a lot of money he is still known to be a millionaire. Celebrities like Tory Lanez and T.I. have voiced that this is an “attack on black men.”But. How? At the beginning of this week, Dababy and his publicist team issued a sincere apology for the statements that were made and reassure the public that he is not an insensitive person and will seek knowledge on the statements he made against HIV/AIDS.

As a result, Dababy is taking better precautions moving forward with his team. Fans stated that they hope that he learns from this lesson and becomes better in life. A disclaimer must be made that the LGBTQ community and sexually transmitted diseases are very controversial topics that do not need to be joked upon lightly.


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