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Eat this up!

Young East Atlanta rap artist DAMEZ has released his new single “Ate That”. This motivational tune is a sure banger that’ll get people moving and shaking. The lyrics of this track truly capture his fun play on words, not to mention his infectious energy. February was the last time he released any music so this was a great second drop, DAMEZ is giving all the energy we need!

DAMEZ, an artist of many facets, singer, rapper, dancer, and song writer he lets his artistries tell his stories. He has gotten through some of his darkest times through making music. After his parents' divorce, and the horrendous murder of his brother at age 17 DAMEZ turned to music. If he wasn’t performing live, he was writing and recording, which has led to him releasing many musical projects. These projects and his most recent works of art such as “Ate That” are available on major

listening platforms for us all to enjoy. All DAMEZ’s musical talents take you on a journey.


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