How COVID-19 Has Affected Me: A Interview with College Athelte Nyla Harris

Nyle Harris is a student athlete who attends Elizabeth City State University. We were able to discuss how Covid-19 not only affected her sports but her senior year as a whole. While there were challenges, she still keeps her hopes high for the next semester and the ending of her senior year.

Some students are okay with doing things online, but the athletes are missing out on one of the biggest parts of their lives, things they look forward to doing.

When I asked her what were her expectations she said “Initially, I figured the seasons postponed to allow the sports administrators time to determine whether or not it would be safe to play in the upcoming season.

However, due to the steady increase in cases across the country, I understand their decision of canceling the season as a whole.” While some students were scared that this would impact their scholarships, Nyla was one of the few who was able to keep hers. “I play women’s bowling and run women’s cross country both at the Division II collegiate level. Due to the CIAA and their decision, they have decided to cancel both seasons. Fortunately, I am still receiving the scholarships for both sports but it’s disappointing that I won’t be able to participate my senior year.”

Usually the senior year is the year students want to have the most fun after working so hard. I asked her about next semester and if she thought things would change, her response was “I don’t think the outcome of sports seasons will change due to the debut of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The only way for a definite season would be to mandate athletes to take the vaccine, which is probably unlikely.” As of right now, no school has announced if they would be participating in giving the vaccine to students, specifically tracking athletes. It’s hard to think about life outside of Covid-19 as we enter almost one year of having the pandemic.

Nyla said “Honestly, it’s hard to look at how my life has been life outside of COVID. I’m living within it so I can only explain how my experience has been thus far and COVID -19 is a part of my senior year and history.” This is definitely history, especially since everyone has had impactful moments throughout the whole last year. If given the opportunity to play again Nyla said she would “most definitely take the opportunity to play any one of sports my senior year.”

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