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How to Have a More Productive Week

Photo by krisna iv on Unsplash

We often feel like we need more time in a day or week to get more tasks done. We plan hours on end of what we need to accomplish, yet it feels as though nothing is ever achieved. It is not that we are not planning enough, we are not planning effectively with the end goal of productivity in mind. To simply complete tasks without a goal is to just be busy; when there is an objective of being productive, important tasks can be completed contributing to larger goals. Let's explore some tips for having a more productive week.

1. Prioritize your goals

The Get Things Done Method prioritizes your to-do list, allowing you to focus on meaningful tasks instead of the number of tasks on the list.

2. Focus on one task at a time

Most people feel more productive when they multitask. The truth is that it is the other way around, it is important that each task has your full attention. Tip: Try writing out your to-do list BEFORE you start on the tasks, this will keep you from distractions.

3. Track Progress

Let's say you make a to-do list and you just look at it throughout the day without checking it off. How are you tracking your progress? Monitoring your goals increases the likelihood of you achieving that said goal because you can gauge whether you are closer or further from the goal.

4. Plan ahead of time

Tip: Start planning for your week on Thursdays. This allows you to think of any tasks you might have missed on Friday, and you have the weekend to yourself.

5. Schedule downtime

If you are anything like me you make a super long checklist with no breaks. Due to no breaks being scheduled, very important self-care tasks such as eating and drinking water get pushed to the bottom of the list. Well, at least that was the old me. I figured out the luxury of scheduling breaks on my checklists and I am a calmer person now.

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