James Fortune Earns 12th #1 Billboard Gospel Single With New Single

The Grammy Award-nominated Singer/Songwriter, Record Producer, and Radio Host, himself James Fortune, has been in the game for a while now, and his repertoire shows it. Born on November 29, 1978, the Richmond, Texas native was actually raised in the church. His father was a pastor, and Fortune was exposed to Gospel music early on and became heavily invested in it. He was playing the drums by age 5, and his passion for Gospel music just grew from there; he later went on to become the choir director at Dimension Church in Houston, Texas. He began venturing out, releasing original music, and working with Gospel Idols (Isaac Carree, Zacardi Cortez, Todd Galberth, and more). He has released 11 albums and has now garnered 12 #1 Billboard Gospel singles.

He says, “As grateful as I am for this #1 song; I am overwhelmed to think there are now 12 #1 songs that He’s given me as a writer, artist or feature. It’s simple for me: I am on an assignment to tell the world about a man who knows all your flaws, but still loves you, will use you and has plans for you, in spite of it all. That’s reason enough to Dream Again!” His newest single, “Nobody Like Jesus,” featuring Lisa Knowles Smith being his 12th #1 Billboard Gospel single.

“Nobody Like Jesus” featuring Lisa Knowles Smith premiered live on YouTube in July of 2020. With a live sermon and performance with a band/choir, this was a spectacular showcase of praise and talent. James Fortune preached and then went right into the song where Lisa Knowles Smith came in shortly after. This single is your classic Gospel track with the right amount of soul, rhythm, and blues effortlessly meshed together. Some impactful lyrics include “Let me tell you about a Man, Who knows all of my faults, But still Loves me, Let me Introduce you, To this Man, Who will never, Bring your Past up again, I know that I cannot Live, Without Him, He's my Healer, My Savior, My Way Maker, My Joy, My Provider, My Strong Tower, And he gave his Life for me, His name is Jesus, Sweet Jesus, There's nobody like Jesus, Ain’t nobody like Him, My grandmother told me that can’t nobody nowhere do you like Jesus, God healed my body, When you call his name demons start to tremble.” This upheaving and empowering track is filled with such raw and real spiritual love/power; you just have to hear it for yourself.

This #1 Billboard Gospel single, along with the rest of James Fortune’s music, is available for streaming on all musical platforms now.

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