Jazmine Sullivan debuts her new EP

After six years after her last album R&B recording artist Jazmine Sullivan released her new EP Heaux Tales that was released January 8th, 2021. Before putting out her EP Sullivan released a couple of singles that would later be featured in the EP. Artists featured on this album are Ari Lennox, H.E.R, and Anderson. Paak.

Once again she has managed to take the world by storm with her lyrics and powerful voice but, this time we saw a new Jazmine rising. Usually, Sullivan’s music is not usually that explicit but in “Heaux Tales” we see that she explores creating sexual songs like in “On It” featuring Ari Lennox. She still gives her original soul in her music but, this time there is more we learn about Sullivan’s approach to music and her capabilities.

Throughout the EP she also has little narratives of women talking about their relationship stories and sexual lifestyles. This EP is about women being in tune with their sexual behavior and taking the liberty of doing what they want, when they want, and who they want. The narratives in the EP are stories many women can relate to when reflecting on past traumas and pain from relationships.

This is a liberating song collection that explains the struggles women have with expressing and being accepted for their sexual behavior. Sullivan just has a vibe that commands the attention of crowds leaching on to every lyric she sings. Her last album “Reality Show” although it’s a blessing of an album it can not compare to what she is giving in her EP Heaux Tales. She is showing how blunt she can be getting straight to the point in her song and not leaving any imagination behind her sultry lyrics.

Since the release of Heaux Tales, Sullivan has received tons of praise from all around the world and has been given many media opportunities as well. She was given the chance to do a Tiny Desk (home) Concert through NPR and was recently invited to perform “The National Anthem”. She will be singing the “Star Spangled Banner” with Eric Church at the 55th Super Bowl February 7th in Tampa.

Sullivan has a voice that will carry mountains whether she is singing a ballad or an upbeat jam her talents are extraordinary and her voice range is unbelievable. Be sure to check out Heaux Tales available on all streaming and music platforms.

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