The Durham, North Carolina, native grew up in a large family, John Prince Kee being the 15th of 16 children. However, even with a big family Kee still found a way to shine through music, his parents devoted tons of time to him and even enrolled him in the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. His parents saw that even at a young age, he was destined for greatness, and being placed in a school for the arts only propelled his musical expertise. He continued his studies of the arts (specifically music) throughout college, attending the Yuba College Conservatory School of Music in Marysville. Although he did encounter some challenging times with the law in his early 20’s, it took a lot for him to dig himself out of the gutter and rise to the top of the charts with albums like Colorblind, The Legacy Project, Level Next. He is living proof that it is never too late to change, from violent street life to spiritual Gospel life. John P. Kee is now a decorated gospel performer and pastor of the New Life Fellowship Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kee just continues to embrace and empower, especially with his 2021 anthem, “It's Gonna Get Better.”

This January 14th YouTube video drop by John P. Kee is spectacular. The track seamlessly meshes jazz, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and a splash of pop to create a magnificent song. John P. Kee went above and beyond with this piece, from rapping to singing and belting to choir background vocals, this track has it all. John P. Kee didn’t take this time to slouch around and be unproductive; he used his time to create an uplifting anthem. The song reminds us all to remember that no matter what’s going on, it will eventually get better and if you're having a bad day/week/etc. Then it can only get better. Some memorable lyrics include: “But I can see the sun shining, A better day is coming, Changes on the way I believe it, I just got to keep on running, It's gonna get better, it's got to get better in a few more days, All these snowstorms in my life, When will the hail stop, Feeling consumed but your compassions fails not, Even when it looks bad let your praises show, I just believe a God that loves me, dear, Wouldn't let me go through without a miracle near, And I believe, God's gonna bring me out.”

The message John P. Kee sent in this song is perfect if you're ever feeling down, and the groovy uptempo beat just adds to the positive vibes in the song.

This is definitely an anthem you should check out, especially from the Gospel legend himself, John P. Kee. If you haven’t heard it already, be sure to listen to it today, as it is available on all musical platforms now.

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