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Julio's New Scenario

After the 32-year-old, 7-time Pro bowler Julio Jones demanded a trade from the Atlanta Falcons the speculation of where his new home would be went on for weeks. Now the deal is done and Julio is now a member of the Tennessee Titans. The Titans gave up a 2022 second-round draft pick and a 2023 fourth-round draft pick to the Falcons, in exchange for Julio and a 2023 sixth- round draft pick. This is a great move for the Titans organization as for the past two seasons

have been great playoff contention with making it to the AFC Championship in 2019 and last year’s 2020 season as well, even though they loss in the wild card round the team showed that

they belonged. However, both of those playoff runs also showed that Tennessee was just missing one more piece to get them over the hump. This big trade is indication that they believe Julio is that piece that will get them through the AFC to the Superbowl.

As for the Atlanta Falcons, it would seem with a trade of this magnitude with your franchise player they could be on the verge of a rebuild. As Matt Ryan is getting up in age as well, not really much talent on both sides of the ball, and as beautiful a city Atlanta is nobody wants to play for the team so free agency is a no go. Building through the draft certainly isn’t a win now situation, but at this point there aren’t any other options for the team. But it’s any given Sunday in the NFL so we will just have to see for ourselves in the upcoming 2021 season how both teams handle their new team outlooks.


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