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Kanye West Is Being Sued Over a Camouflage Print

The camouflage pattern has always been a popular trend among designers alike, but this one might’ve went a little too far with his design. Rapper turned Designer, Kanye West is being sued by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd, the parent company of RealTree; which caters directly to the manufacture and marketing of camouflage patterns, for making an unauthorized copy of their Real-Tree camouflage pattern. Sources claim that Yeezy's team did in fact reach out and speak to a representative of the company in regards to the print however, the company stands by the fact that they never gave the ok to Kanye nor his team the authorization to use it. Jordan representatives also added that they explained that YEEZY would have to “license the items,” and after learning this, Kanye’s company “went radio silent” and proceeded to use the patterns anyway. Some believe that Jordan Outdoor Enterprises are perhaps targeting West due to both the exposure and the clout that would come from the scandal. Others, however, wonder if there’s really been some sort of copycat behavior on Yeezy's end. Jordan is hoping to get Kanye to stop selling the pattern and destroy whatever is left of the pattern/or turn over existing inventory and pay for damages.. We’ll have to see how Kanye makes his way out of this.


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