Keyonte Johnson Collaspes During College Game

In 2013, former Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware broke his leg mid-game which left his teammates and coaches visibly shaken up. Moments like these are rare in college sports but have such a lasting impact on those involved. And this past Saturday, a moment college players will never forget happened again. Keyonte Johnson, a forward for the Florida Gators, had just thrown down a colossal dunk helping his team gain a 11-3 lead on Florida State. He was seen walking mid-court after a timeout and then fainted, going headfirst into the

hardwood floor. Players and coaches were visibly shaken and announcers were querulous quiet. There hadn’t been a moment so shocking since Kevin Ware’s leg injury in college basketball. Florida’s head coach, Mike White instantly gathered his team and began to pray as Johnson was being carried off on a stretcher. Both teams agreed to finish playing the game and the FSU Seminoles came out victorious with a 83-71 win.

After being rushed to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, it was announced he was in stable but critical condition. College players and coaches, professional athletes, entertainers, etc, sent their well wishes and prayers to the NBA prospect. On Monday, his family announced that he was able talking and was even able to FaceTime with teammates. "We feel so much love and support from

everyone, and we’re beyond grateful for the care and attention that Keyontae has received throughout these past several days," his parents wrote.

There is no word on what exactly caused him to collapse but earlier in the summer it was reported that him and other teammates tested positive for COVID- 19. One complication of the virus can be myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle.

We are continuing to lift Keyonte in prayer

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