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King Von’s Death

King Von, an up-and-comer in the Chicago drill scene, has died being engaged in a shooting outside the Atlanta club, Monaco Hookah Lounge on Thursday night. He was pronounced dead on Friday morning after being in critical condition Friday morning, November 6; he was 26. The Atlanta Police Department disclosed further that three individuals were murdered and three harmed in a shooting outside Monaco Hookah Lounge. The shooting supposedly spurred due to an on-going altercation that escalated between two gatherings, which incited one of two off the clock, APD officers working security outside the parlor and an on-duty APD officer proceeded to intervene turning into a full-on shoot-out.

APD says "shots were fired during the encounter," yet add that the officials were not harmed. “At this time, our investigators believe Mr. Bennett was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting,” police said in a statement As indicated by police, paramedics took three suspects to the ER, three others went to the hospital, and two additional suspects were confined at the scene.

Although we are unofficially unaware of what happened prior to causing 3 untimely deaths we send our condolences.

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed that King Von, real name Dayvon Bennett, was one of the individuals killed at the shooting.

APD also said it could not find Von at the scene; he arrived at the hospital on his own.

As the news trends on all social media platforms it is rumoured that the shooting involved a dispute between Von and Atlanta rapper Quando Rondo.

On November 8th, two days after the shooting and release of the viral shootout, APD Homicide Unit successfully arrested 22-year-old Timothy Leeks for Felony murder in the dead of King Von.

His homicide investigation has been closed.

King Von was known as an upcoming rapper with a sick, lyrical flow. Some of his biggest tracks featured him “storytelling” through drill scene beats. Native to Chicago, he was a big family guy and loved his kids. He was a loyal friend, great dad, brother, uncle and loving boyfriend to girlfriend and love interest to female rapper, AsianDoll.

Many rappers and influencers mourn his death, very close childhood friend Lil Durk hasn’t been able to take his death lightly. With a simple post “My twin gone.” and his Instagram account being deactivated we are keeping our prayers up for him too.

Some of which the rap community took to social media to say a few things to Von as well.

“Wow. This year was so tough,” Chicago’s Chance the Rapper tweeted.

“Rip van God bless him and his family I can’t believe it.”

Fellow Chicago rapper and collaborator Polo G wrote.

“Was a real one💯& a good hearted n- - - - fasho🖤RIP🕊🕊🕊,” along with the hashtags #chicagolegend and #kingofdrill.

Calboy, tweeted, “No not Cuzo! 💔.”

Omarion on Twitter, “Rest in power King von. I saw the potential. I heard a few songs but more than that I saw him breaking bread with his family. I respect that. I Kinect with that.”

Can the rest of 2020 come with a cease and desist order.. no more untimely deaths!!


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