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Koryn Hawthorne Links With KB for the remix of “Pray”

As an Abbeville, Louisiana native and Minister’s daughter, Koryn Hawthorne was introduced to Gospel music early, and it didn’t take long for her to develop a passion for it. While singing in Church, she discovered that she was vocally gifted, so she began singing outside of Church as well. She sang locally throughout high school, from festivals and small gatherings to charity fundraisers and health care facilities. While most 16 years olds are worrying about dating and parties, Hawthorne was focused on the NBC music competition The Voice; where she was initially picked to be on Christina Aguilera's team, was then "stolen" by Pharrell Williams, and placed on his team where she finished in fourth place overall. After receiving such success on The Voice, she signed to RCA Inspiration, where she started working on her debut EP. From that point on, she only ascended, receiving numerous awards, including the Billboard Music Award for Top Gospel Song, the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Album, and the GMA Dove Award for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Recorded Song of the Year, to name a few. Now she is renovating one of her past hit singles, “Pray,” with special help from Dove Award-winning hip-hop artist KB.

Koryn Hawthorne’s Pray (Remix) Feat. KB was elevated with the addition of KB’s verse towards the end of the song. Of course, Hawthorne laid her heart out on the track as she always does, but KB added a different flare to the track that you don’t always get from Koryn Hawthorne. 3 minutes and 32 seconds into the song, KB slides in effortlessly with a mysterious hush sound, and then he gradually steps into his hip-hop swagger, spittin some fire Gospel infused bars. Koryn Hawthorne shines brightly throughout the whole single with her breathtaking belts and rich vocals.

Hawthorne is truly prospering into a Gospel great along with being a talented artist, noticing that something is missing from such a successful piece is what musical legends do. Some impactful lyrics include “Everybody tryin' to weather the storm, You said the load was never too much to bear, 'Cause when I know, I can't do it on my own, You're the one that I am leaning on, When I feel like I ain't gonna make it, That's when I pray, So much pain in the world, They've been taking our girls and then slaving them, real talk, All the hate being spread and the blood being shed, I can tell that we need God, You are who went down to the grave, Send some down for your children, We here waiting for you, You are Lord too who is more loyal?, Can’t leave, can't afford to, Send the loving God from the Cross to the Bando, You can scheme but we gone pray, His peace we sought, Everybody gonna call on you.” This song has reached an all-time high with its worship and praise perfectly intertwining with hip-hop and R&B tones. This song has been taken to another level and definitely deserves a listen. If you haven’t listened to it already, go check it out on all musical platforms.

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