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Kurt Carr Releases Music Video for "Blessing After Blessing"

Hartford, Connecticut native Kurt Carr grew up in the church. At age 13, he had an evident passion and interest for the church choir and music as a whole. His mother quickly realized this and bought him albums that Carr played over and over, eventually he taught himself how to play the piano to songs from the albums. Carr continued to expand and practice his knowledge of music; he even attended the University of Connecticut, where he earned a bachelor's degree studying fine arts. While perfecting his craft, he was mentored by Richard Small-Wood, and from that point on, he skyrocketed, persevering through any struggles or issues he encountered. He later released the album Awesome Wonder, which reached a gold-selling status in 2001. Since then, Kurt Carr has become a two-time Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, Stellar Award winner, and Gospel Great.

Now Carr has released his latest album Bless Somebody Else with “Bless Somebody Else” and “Blessing After Blessing” being clear fan favorites out of all 16 soulful tracks. In late November of 2020, Kurt Carr dropped the highly anticipated music video for “Blessing After Blessing.”

“Blessing After Blessing,” featuring the Kurt Carr Singers, was written and produced by Kurt Carr. The music video has accumulated thousands of views in just over a month. The song sends an optimistic message that even though there are struggles and challenges right now, we are still alive and have a family to support and love us. The music video emphasizes this message by using covid-19/social distancing as an obstacle but shows that through zoom/social media, you can still interact and enjoy the company of others safely. The music video showcases families, friends, and loved ones all interacting safely while the song plays in the background evoking a sense of hope from the audience. Some impactful lyrics include “Here I stand, With grateful hands, Pointed towards You, To thank You, For blessing after blessing, every day Your mercies are new, You never cease to amaze me, Come on and give God praise, We’re gonna get through this God’s gonna send Blessing After Blessing.

This inspirational song is the light that so many of us need during these dark and unprecedented times, so if you need some uplifting or just need some motivation to bring you into the New Year, go listen to “Blessing After Blessing” by Kurt Carr, available now on musical platforms.

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