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McDonald's Brings Back Nostalgic Halloween Pails

When you think of Halloween, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, I immediately think of costumes and kids trick-or-treating. Earlier this month, McDonald’s made an exciting announcement that will bring a little more joy and ease to those who enjoy trick-or-treating: they’re bringing back their Halloween Pails! McBoo, McPunk’n and McGoblin first made their debut back in 1986 as a special Happy Meal gift and now they’re making a reappearance for a short time only! From October 18th to October 31st, Happy Meal buyers can request one of nine Halloween Pail designs to take home to aid them in their Halloween efforts.

Halloween isn’t just a children’s holiday, but it’s usually only children that go trick-or-treating. If you aren’t planning on going on a hunt for candy, you can still utilize your McDonald’s Halloween Pails. McDonald’s worked with a variety of content creators to find ways to rehabilitate the pail after you finished your happy meal. See the image below for some fun and cute ideas!

For many, the Halloween pails represent a feeling of nostalgia, taking them back to when they were little and had the pails as their Happy Meal treat. If you want a pail of your own, be sure to visit a McDonalds by October 31st and get a Happy Meal!


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