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Meet Our Fashion Gawdz Intern: Kapri Piner!

Hey y’all,

I am Kapri Piner a graduating senior at Lincoln University of PA. I study Mass Communications with the hopes of working in Public Relations Management within the near future. Due to this career goal, I do plan on continuing my education after my undergraduate program. As I plan to transition into a graduate program within the DMV area or online. My plan is to study Public Relations, Public Administration, or Human Resources with a minor in Management. My overall passion is to be apart of the construction and maintenance of an individual or brand's public image. To tell you a little bit more about me. I am from the DMV, specifically Prince Georges County Maryland, making me a suburban girl.

I am a content creator throughout Instagram, as well as Youtube. I would like to think of myself as a small media influencer within the DMV area. Another one of my passions and goals is to become a bigger influence within the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. With that being said I love fashion, and that means everything about it. From keeping up with the latest trends, shopping, utilizing different fabrics and textures, knowing how to remodel inspiration, and etc…I could go on and on about anything Fashion. This is a huge reason as to why I am a Youtube personality and content creator for the DivahFilez as a Fashion Gawd. To sum it up, I enjoy the world of Style, Fashion, and Drip as they are all different, but they all have a sense of urgency within one's everyday life. On my Instagram; @_itsmepri and my Youtube; Kapriskorner, is where I create my media content based around Fashion and Lifestyle. However, I also have a podcast called Konnectv, where I host interview conversations with all types of young bosses around the world in all types of workforces in order to build each other's network and make connections. You can find this podcast by following my business page on Instagram @_konnectv. To say the least, I am a student, continuing to want to further my education. I am a small media influence, fashionista, and lifestyle vlogger. I am a podcaster; looking to network with emerging talents and overall I am an introverted extrovert, always working and grinding to be the best me I can be for the longevity of success within my future.

Feel free to connect with me! & Don't be afraid to reach out!

Instagram: @_itsmepri

Youtube: Kapriskorner

Podcast: @_konnectv


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