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Meet Our Fashion Gawdz Intern: Tiaffany Davis!

I am a graduating senior attending Albany State University majoring in Mass Communication concentrating in Media Arts. I am from the greatest city of all times, Atlanta, Ga. Born February 25, 1998, I have learned and accomplished many things within my 22 years of living. I’m the oldest child from a small family, so the pressure is very thick and can be stressful at times. My parents were only teens when they brought me into this world and that made me want to accomplish all that I can to make them proud.

Since I was a child, my favorite thing to do was create whether it was writing, drawing, painting, speaking, or just using my big imagination. Now that I have gotten older, writing has become one of my strongest traits and passions. I’ve written poems, songs, and stories. I’ve even participated in writing contests. I love doing makeup or anything beauty related. I have a business by the name of Transform Her dedicated to beauty needs offering makeup and lash services. The purpose of Transform Her is to empower women making them feel even more confident in themselves and ultimately transforming their beauty to the next level. When I am not doing anything makeup or school-related, I love studying and reading about tarot, spirituality, and astrology, watching reality tv such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and other tv shows like Snowfall, Grownish, and Insecure, shopping, chilling with family and friends, or honestly just eating and sleeping. I am elated to be working alongside The Divah Filez and creating content, which I’m sure everyone will definitely love.


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